Home Group

The home group fellowships are an integral part of our meeting and fellowship together (Acts 2:46). The heart of our home group fellowships is to encourage, build up, strengthen and instruct each other in the present truth of the proceeding word of God that is continually coming forth. (Matthew 4:4) Therefore we want the focus to especially follow up on what the messengers have been bringing. This helps us grow in our understanding and maintain a unity in the current word.

We encourage any testimonies with respect to how God’s word is being received and impacting in our lives and our families. We also invite questions that better help us all learn and grow in our relationship with God and each other.

If you would like to know more about our home group fellowships you can reach us on our contact us page.


Throughout 2011, we have been studying the book ‘Follow the Lamb’ in our mid week Home Group meetings.  The book details 12 encounters from the Gospel of John.  John was one of the first disciples to follow the Lamb.  He wrote his five books as a brother and companion to all who would follow as he did.  In 12 encounters we learn to be of the Lamb and to find the deep fellowship to which He leads us.  Each chapter outlines an encounter ‘with the Lamb’ and is followed by a lesson and commitment.  All are welcome to come and join with us as we discuss what it truly means to follow the Lamb.